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My Story

My name is Tony Wells. I began a lengthy career in communications and IT after serving in the United States Marine Corps. Immediately after exiting the service, I went to work repairing communication systems for police, fire and emergency services.

I had an opportunity to transition into Utilities, where I designed and maintained software controls for water treatment process and distribution. As my career evolved, I gravitated towards IT administration and design.

After 18 years of IT, I was ready for change. I was presented with the challenge of creating a construction division for a water utility. I’ve always liked operating heavy equipment, and thoroughly enjoy a new endeavor. I thrive in this environment so much that I am following my entrepreneurial passion.

Integrity, Dedication, Resolution

These are more than words. They are the mantra we abide by. We don’t quit until the job is done right. Start to finish, we hang our hat on quality.


We provide exceptional quality at an affordable price.

Deeply Committed

Our work is your long term investment. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Highly Skilled

You will benefit from the thousands of hours we put on equipment.